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Well, I managed to catch Airplane! on AMC  this week. Who doesn’t love this movie? After watching the movie, I was uploading some more photos into my store, when it hit me I never reviewed the Airplane! Video Slot by WMS. Could there be a more perfect themed slot? How did I not review this slot seeing as I love aviation? So many questions, so little time.

So here ya go, the review of the new WMS Video Slot, Airplane!

The video slot is based off of the 80’s comedy classic of the same name. It features some of your favorite characters from the movie, Ted Striker, Elaine Dickinson, Captain Clarence Oveur, Otto (the auto pilot)  and of course, the airplane!

During the normal game play, there are snippets from the movie and the movie’s theme, that doomed theme that plays throughout the film. Otto has special meaning as it is the wild symbol on the main game and it also expands to include all positions if a winning set is displayed. You can’t stop yourself from laughing when Otto expands, it’s good stuff !

Airplane! Video Slot Machine, upright version by WMS

Airplane! Video Slot Machine, upright version by WMS

The Airplane! symbols act as triggers for the bonus game. When an Airplane! symbol lands on reels 1,3, and 5, the player gets to play the Passenger Bonus. In the bonus you choose seats until you reveal a “collect”. You win the credits that you have found at that point. Also hidden behind the seat icons are 5 additional bonuses that can be played if picked. The five bonuses are – Random Credits bonus, Food Tray bonus game, First Class Ticket bonus or the Otto bonus.

If you find the collect, you choose between two Ottos, one ends the bonus and one awards the Keep Flying bonus which takes you back to continue the Passenger bonus. That’s a lot of bonuses ! The Passenger Bonus may also be randomly triggered during the main game.

But wait, WMS isn’t done yet ! If you should land 2 out of 3 airplane bonus symbols, you get to choose one of them. One will award credits and the other will trigger the Passenger bonus.

The game is designed using the WMS I-Play Technology which is also used in the Block Party Jackpot Party video slot machine. Touch screen, vibrant images and seamless game play make I-Play the top amongst video slot technology.

The Airplane! video slot game is a penny game with 40 lines to lay a wager on. The max bet is 320 credits, or $3.20 and a minimum of 40 credits or 40 cents. Max bet is NOT required for any bonuses.

Overall the Airplane! Video Slot by WMS is a must play. It combines a great theme with a great design and great game play. It’s  a fun way to enjoy your favorite casino.

As with all gaming though, if the game isn’t hitting, go find another one !

On my last visit to Vegas, I was able to find Airplane! at the following casinos:

M Resort Casino, South Las Vegas Blvd.

Aria Casino – Las Vegas Strip

It’s been a few months since my last visit, so I am sure more casinos now have this game, at least they should!

Happy Gaming !