Phat Cats is a new slot machine theme by AC Coin and Slot. So new this theme is, that out of 15 casinos that I visited, only one had them installed and that was the Las Vegas Hilton(as of 11/2010), more about the changes at LV Hilton in a future post.

Phat Cats is a 5 reel 25 line slot machine with a max bet of 125 credits. The game is based on the very popular Sizzling 7s slot machines also from AC Coin and Slot. The slot game, or main game, is comprised of actual reels, not video reels. The game offers two bonus games as well where there can be a large payout awaiting you !

Phat Cats Slot Machine from AC Coin and Slot

The first bonus is obtained by landing 2 out of 3 bonus icons on any of the middle reels, reels 2,3,4. The bonus is a random credits awards which is symbolized by a cat selling something at a pawn shop or a subway car bonus. The best payouts on the pawn shop bonus happen when the cat gets on it’s knees and begs for more cash from the pawn broker. The subway car bonus is pretty cut and dry and awards a credit bonus.

The second bonus is obtained by landing 3 out of 3 bonus icons on the middle reels, on icon per reel or an icon on reels 2,3,4. This time you are awarded free spins in the bonus game. This is played above you on the video screen. The slot game that you play is best describe as a cascading reel type of game, only without the continually play. One spin-one board, the icons that touch get added together and then removed. Those not touching will drop to possibly touch and add to your winnings, but no other icons will drop from off of the screen.

This second bonus is where the cash is at. You want to see as many Phat Cats as there are icons/squares to be filled. There are so many different combos that can be made, I can not recall what the top credits that can be won is on this bonus game. It really is a fun bonus and is very reachable.

The  AC Coin and Slot website lists the following as specs:

  • Paytable: Double Sizzling 7s® 5-Reel 25 Line
  • Max Bet: 125 Credits
  • Base Game Top Award with Max Bet: 500,000
  • Denomination: Player Selectable Multi-Denomination
  • Payback %: 90-92%

Once again, I was only able to find this game at the Las Vegas Hilton(as of 11/2010) but when a game has this much play-ability, it will only be a matter of time that you’ll see it pop up everywhere.

AC Coin and Slot has designed a great bonus game concept and teamed it up with a classic reel theme, Sizzling 7s from IGT. It is a must play and one that you will not regret at all ! Plenty of spins for your hard earned money and the bonus hit frequency is very good, little more for the minor bonus and less for the big bonus as usual.