Blazing Hot Double Jackpot slot by Bally is the newest release in the Jackpot 7s genre. It is a vast improvement on the first theme, by a million miles! It incorporates the very popular Blazing 7s into the game. Everyone loves red 7s with flames behind them! Admit it, you do too! Single, double and triple blazing 7 icons and a double jackpot icon that is also wild AND doubles the win when it connects on a payline in the main game, just like the old Double Jackpot reel slots.

The Stats:

The  games I sampled were all penny denomination, although Bally has them in many different denominations. Penny is no doubt the most popular. 20 lines, max bet per line is 10 credits for a total bet of $2.00 . . .plus $1.00 “bonus” bet. This is a grand total of $3.00 a spin, which can be very scarey for most players. It was for me, at first. The original title carried a max bet of $1.50, for comparison sake.


The Bonus:

Land 3 Blazing Hot Double Jackpot icons on the middle three reels to enter the bonus “spins” which take place on the overhead display. The amounts you can win differ depending on your bet, and you can only win the max jackpot with a max bet (300 coins).

Filmed at Aria Casino, June 2011

In the bonus you have a three reel video slot for every color combonation of 7s in the game. Mixed 7s being the lowest and the coveted red 7s being the top prize, $10,000 on this set of machines. You are given 7 spins at each level to try to land that level’s combo in order to win the level and move up to the next. For instance, the lowest level requires you to match mixed 7s, 3 7s in different colors. The great thing about this title’s bonus is if you match a higher levels 7s, you get to start over at 7 spins for the level you are on. Hard to explain without sitting in front of the machine. If you are trying for 3 7s mixed colors, and land 3 orange 7s, the level with the orange 7s will be held and you start over with 7 new spins to try to get the mixed 7s. Hit 3 matching, and the process starts over as described above.

It’s totally possible to get four or five high levels before landing the 7s you need on the level you are on. Once you do, you rise up to the first level you need. It’s a great and very fair bonus game. How many of you hate the bonus games that let you hit the same level multiple times but you don’t get a thing for it?

In the above description I mentioned the max bet of $3.00 as being very touchy at best. Well, for the first time in my gaming life I sat down at a progressive machine and did NOT play the max bet. It was my first time playing this title, and $3.00 a spin is not usually something I do when sitting at a penny slot with only one progressive. After three spins, betting $1.50 a spin, I had increased my credits 400% through bonus wins and main game wins. 3 out of 7 spins were winners and 2 of those were bonus spins!

Knowing this title’s hit frequency out of the manufacturer being extremely low, I was hesitant even at this point to bet max, but I did. I ended up cashing out with a profit of nearly $900.00 and two hours, yes TWO HOURS of seat time!

That being said, I am sure all the games of this title in all the casinos in Vegas are not to the height of hit frequency that these two games were at. Yes, two games. The bank of slots I was at had two of the new Double Blazing machines on the ends and a Jackpot 7s machine in the middle. All three machines were hitting, and hitting often. Very few minutes went by that one of the machine were not in the bonus rounds. It may have been one of those special instances, or those machines may be higher hitting than others. Who really knows?

I was unable to locate these machines at other casinos, so I can’t say if they all would have this great game play. My guess is not.

(thank you to Bally for supplying the logo for the slot machine)

  • I give Blazing Hot Double Jackpot a rating of 6 out of 10. It’s a great title with a tremendous bonus round. The main game is also excellent choice. The major point that hurts the rating is the low out of the box hit frequency and large max bet needed to win the progressive. Hopefully I’ll be able to try a few more out at other locations.