The very large player favorite Cashman is back in a new release by Aristocrat. It’s a local area progressive video slot machine with two new themes to try out, Amazon and Top Croc. Here’s the review of Cashman Fever by Aristocrat.

The Stats:

50 lines, penny denomination, max bet is 200 credits or $2.00 on a penny denomination machine. Wild symbols that can be stacked, bonus triggering icons, random Cashman bonuses.

The Bonuses:

The progressive bonus is triggered by landing 5 scatter bonus icons on the main game. Once that is achieved you play the progressive bonus game that matches your initiating bet. The more you wager the higher the progressive amounts will be that you are playing for. In the bonus round you collect Cashman coins. Meet the amount and win the matching progressive jackpot. The game is said to have 20 jackpot pools, really it has 4 jackpots for each wager amount, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 so 4 x 5 = 20 pools.

The game also has the random bonuses that are all too well known for the Cashman slot machine. These bonuses can happen after any paid game. They are: A Multiplier Feature, Added Wild Feature, Hold and Respin Feature, and a nudge feature. All the features have promise to be fun and exciting but often fall far short of that. Nothing is exciting when you get a feature and don’t win anything in it. This happens far too much on this release.

The Cashman family has been a sure bet for slot players in the past. You could be assured when you sit down at those titles that you would get, at the minimum, some decent seat time. This new release does not fit into this category. The hit frequency seems to be horribly low to the point of betting the minimum not being enough to get you seat time.

Aristocrat had a great idea on paper, but it sure did not translate onto the casino floor. The only redeeming features of this title are the name and the plasma overhead displays. Gameplay is poor at best and this is another of the new slot machines that offer a wild, but it is not the obvious icon that is wild (not sure that makes sense now, but it will once you sit down and play). In addition to that, the wild is NOT wild for all icons. You would think the hit frequency would be higher seeing as the wild isn’t a true a wild, not so here.

I don’t want to say stay away from this or any slot title as it’s all a game of chance. My 12 machines tested over 3 casinos all being bad doesn’t mean the next one will be bad as well. But, what I will say is do not look upon this Cashman as you would the older titles. This is not so giving!

  • I give Cashman Fever a rating of 4 out of 10. The gameplay, the bonus features, low hit frequency and not living up to the previous releases of Cashman all hurt this slot title in it’s rating. Would have given a higher rating if this was a first release title. I will never understand why if something isn’t broken, we try to fix it! Give Cashman Fever a spin or two, if you give it more, best of luck to you!